The Eyes of the Lord

The Eyes of the Lord

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Original artwork by Heather Gilion at Story Designs. This reproduction of Story Designs' original painting of the verse in 2 Chronicles 16:9 is available in an 8x10 and 11x14, printed on fine art paper.

Here's a few thoughts on this piece and the reason behind why I had to paint it:

This custom order makes my heart swoon! I was so overjoyed to paint this scene paired with this verse.

I’ve always loved this verse. It does something to me in my deepest parts. On one hand, I can picture Him scanning this earth, looking for those whose faces are raised to Heaven… longing, waiting, following after Him. There have been times this verse has brought tears to my eyes as I’ve wondered if I’ve caught His eye. Am I worth seeing? Am I being faithful? Other times the tears have come because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt… He sees me and He’s strengthening me for the task at hand. He wants all of you. I hope you know that. He wants your heart completely. He has no rivals. There is nothing and no one this side of Heaven that can offer you what He can. Lift up your eyes and seek His face. He’s looking right at you.


*Shipped flat to protect print.

*Each print ordered comes in individual, plastic sleeve for protection.

*Artwork signed