"Someday you will" - Care Cards

"Someday you will" - Care Cards

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My popular painting of John 13:7 is now available as a Care Card. Does someone in your life need this reminder?
Here's the story behind this artwork:

So I was praying about my FIRST painting of the new year. I know this may be more for me than you... but there is something about a new year that gets me all reflective and hopeful. So as I began daydreaming on what verse to begin with, so many verses came to mind, but THIS VERSE stopped me dead in my tracks. I immediately knew in my spirit that I MUST PAINT IT! Maybe it's just for me... but I have a feeling it may be for you too.
These words came from Jesus Himself: "You do not understand what I am now doing, but someday you will." Anyone need that today? Anyone looking at life going, "Lord, what is going on here?!?!" Let these words give you peace, even if it's a little peace, in the middle of your questions. And lean into His heart for you. You can trust Him even when you don't understand what He is up to.

“Care Cards” are named after my good friend Carrie who has always encouraged me with a sweet note at just the right time. I hope my artwork paired with your words are a blessing to others as you love all those around you. The dimensions are 4.25x5.5 and they are blank inside. Includes envelope.

5 Cards @ $21

You can choose between TWO packs:



"SURPRISE ME" PACKS (which includes at least one of this card.)