I Press On

I Press On

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I Press On {artwork highlighting Philippisans 3:13-14}

I love these verses for so many reasons. I'm a runner... okay, jogger... let me clarify, but what I love about lacing up my running shoes and hearing my feet hit the pavement are the beautiful "life" parallels God brings to mind as I'm huffing and puffing. There is a start and there is a finish. Maybe you are unaware that you've entered the race, but friend, if you've got breath in your lungs, you're running! You could be running the "rat race" or you're running God's Race. And there is a day we will all cross the finish line and if we were to take it all in, with proper perspective, what would we say about our "race"? If you were running the race He set before you, would you be proud of your pace, of your fight to press onward? Were you a distracted runner or did you fight to set your eyes forward, forgetting what lies behind and running the race to win the prize of Heaven?

When this world is all we know, it's hard to fathom the eternity set before us, but even if there are unknowns attached to our future, it doesn't make it less real. Today, let us take a moment to set our attention to run God's Race... and to run well. We'll never run perfectly, but recognizing that His mercies are new every morning and that He gives us generously the strength we need to press on, as we set one foot in front of the other and lean into the sweat, the pain, the hurdles, the times it feels hard to breathe or even keep moving. But along with the hard we get beautiful views, the wind on our face, the sun kissing our shoulders, a friend or two running by our side to make the run more bearable, and the promise of reward. Take some time today to search your heart asking, "what or Who you are running for?" It would be heartbreaking to "finish" only to find that you were running the wrong race.

Original artwork by Heather Gilion at Story Designs. This reproduction of Story Designs' original artwork is available as an 8x10 and 11x14, printed on fine art paper.


*Shipped flat to protect print.

*Each print ordered comes in individual, plastic sleeve for protection.

*Artwork signed